Dry, Self-Cooled Suspension Electromagnetic Separator Model: HUF-S

Dry, Self-Cooled Suspension Electromagnetic Separator Model: HUF-S50

Hybrid Heat Releasing System, No Insulation Oil Necessary

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HUF-S is designed to install above and at 90 degrees to primary conveyor belt and remove scrap metal from the primary conveyor.


1. The dry self-cooling mechanism requires no insulation oil or cooling fan to cool the coil. Therefore, there is no fire hazard.
2. The unit requires no cooling oil, therefore, it can be installed in any angle.
3. High cooling efficiency maximizes separator ability without a dust protection cover and allows 24-hour continuous operation.
4. Durable mechanical design for outdoor use.


1. Standard model equipped with wear protection rubber. Also, available in oil protection rubber and protection cover models.
2. Includes controller and suspension bolts.
3. Available permanent magnet combo design.






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